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I would like to give a warm welcome to you for visiting the new site for Techboogie Media! This marks 3 years running this company and this site is the product of immense growth, and yes, countless chicken burritos. I came into the media scene knowing I had a unique vision the world could benefit from. However, I did not know exactly what or how I wanted to apply that vision. So I pretty much took any new work that sounded moderately cool. Long story short, it was a great way to find out what I DID NOT want to continue to do.

Three years later, I have finally reached a place where I have a clear vision on what my key offerings are along with what I am passionate about. This passion is in storytelling…unique stories of people that go untold. That could be an event about women of color speaking out on how they have been silenced in today’s society, an artist from West Oakland bringing social change through Blues Rock, or maybe a company releasing a product that will change the way we live our lives. These are the type of projects that keep me up all night editing completely losing track of time/reality.

So please take some time to get familiar with the new site and let me know what you think. For those who are used to my old site, you will notice that I no longer have my landscapes/cityscapes here. I’m not leaving you hanging I promise. In a few months I will be launching a separate site just for my landscape photos and video tutorials, so keep an eye out for that (e-mail me if you are interested in prints)! The reason for this is I wanted to separate my business media from my landscape work which I really just do for fun because I love to do it.

Overall, I am super excited for this next phase of Techboogie. In such a short time I never would have guessed I would have the opportunity to work with such awesome clients on cool projects that have an truly have an impact. Positivity and just putting your head down and doing the work I have learned will pretty much get you anything you can possibly desire. Now since I realize that, I am just honing in on exactly what I want, not what I think I want or what society tells me to want. Thank you for being apart of this journey. I have come a long way but for some reason, it feels like it is only the beginning. Cheers!


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