We create content that is a vivid expression of the human existence. Warm smiles, glorious sunsets, a glimmer of hope in someone’s eyes, unbridled joy – these are some of the moments we live for. So it only makes sense that it is what we strive to put out in the world.


We believe everyone has an interesting story to tell. Unfortunately, most of those stories go untold. So as content creators with a diverse background, it is our passion to bring stories to life that represent the entire spectrum of the human experience.


In today’s information age, what we are able to achieve is only limited by our drive. That being said, Techboogie Media is extremely driven to be the best visual content creators in the Bay. We will work within your budget to provide a polished product that you can’t wait to share with the world.

Small team. Big results.



Hailing from Chicago – now residing in the San Francisco Bay Area. JJ founded Techboogie Media to lend his positive energy to the brands and causes that he believes in. Known originally for his stunning cityscape and landscape photography, JJ did not actualize the full potential of his dreams until he began mastering the art of visual storytelling.

Today his work producing, shooting and editing extends to the corporate world including projects for ESPN, The Super Bowl 50 Host Committee, Adobe, and GE. While in the realm of social justice he has focused his efforts in content based around inclusion within technology and community activism.

Driven by his never-ending quest to perfect his craft, JJ continues to push boundaries when it comes to content creation, providing viewers with narratives that are equally engrossing and heartfelt. He is also a serial networker who thrives off of the amazing achievements of his friends and colleagues.



One thing is for certain, no two media projects are ever alike. So when it comes to producing content, sometimes all that is necessary is one person and a camera. However, more often then not the real magic comes from a team of people collaborating. 

That is one of our greatest strengths at Techboogie Media. We have a vigorous network of talented cinematographers, photographers, directors, editors, make-up artists, etc. So whatever the vision, we are able to pool from those resources to produce content that goes beyond client expectations.

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