We create content that is a vivid expression of the human existence. Warm smiles, glorious sunsets, a glimmer of hope in someone’s eyes, unbridled joy – these are some of the moments we live for. So it only makes sense that it is what we strive to put out in the world.


We believe everyone has an interesting story to tell. Unfortunately, most of those stories go untold. So as content creators with a diverse background, it is our passion to bring stories to life that represent the entire spectrum of the human experience.


In today’s information age, what we are able to achieve is only limited by our drive. That being said, Techboogie is extremely driven to be the best visual content creators in the Bay. We will work within your budget to provide a polished product that you can’t wait to share with the world.

Small team. Big results.



JJ Harris of Techboogie is a dynamic media producer who has traveled the globe in pursuit of authentic storytelling. With an unwavering passion for inclusivity, he has collaborated with global organizations, local brands, and non-profits alike to deliver heartfelt messages to audiences far and wide.

In 2018, JJ partnered with Facebook/Meta to produce media that spanned 30 cities across America, showcasing and celebrating diverse-owned businesses. His breathtaking aerial photography, focused on the Black Lives Matter movement, has been shared over 100k times and featured in major publications such as Complex Magazine and PBS. He also lent his cinematography skills to the award-winning “Made in America” Documentary Series by GoDaddy, telling the inspiring stories of black-owned businesses in Atlanta overcoming obstacles during the pandemic.

JJ’s impressive client list includes names such as The Golden State Warriors, Google, UC Berkeley, Outdoor Afro, YouTube, and Red Bay Coffee. Whether he’s capturing awe-inspiring aerial shots, crafting powerful documentaries, or any other creative endeavor, JJ remains committed to uplifting and empowering imagery that centers people of color across all digital media platforms.



Theo Schear is a camera operator, editor and filmmaker from Oakland, California. His first docu-series Hard To Swallow hosted by Tunde Wey was supported by The Ford Foundation, IFP and The Pop Culture Collaborative. He was a 2021 SFFILM FilmHouse Resident and for two years was a member of Detroit Public Television’s National Documentary Unit.

He shoots for the Golden State Warriors and has produced campaigns for Nike and Bandcamp. Other work includes Open Letter, a found-footage doc about Frank Ocean; and TY4FWM, a documentary chronicling the release of rapper ALLBLACK’s first album.

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